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Metal Flash Instructions


  • The flashing depicted in the following schematics / instructions are the “SNAP-LOC” brand (a product of Champion Metal, 8708 Willows Road, Redmond, WA 98052, 800-562-1014)
  • The following instructions are divided into three diagrams. The first diagram (A) shows where and how to cut out the panels and flashing. The second (B) shows these items after they have been cut and bent. The third (C) indicates where each is placed around the skylight.



  • “Seal-Once” should be used at all joints and where the metal is to be overlapped.
  • The overall finished appearance is determined by the care and attention to detail that is used when installing the flashing.
  • The preceding information is designed as a general guideline to be used and is not the only acceptable method to flash a skylight.



Working from right to left, cut and install the first panel (#1). The next two panels are cut flush with the curb of the skylight, and may be bent up if needed. Next panel (#2) is cut and bent to fit, then installed.



The next piece to install is the header flashing (#3). First place a bead of “Seal-Once” on top of panel #4 and #5 to stop any water from siphoning at the joint. Next cut and bend the header piece to fit. The artificial ribs should be 1/2” high. Set in and fasten.



Before installing the upper panels, run a bead of “Seal-Once” in top of the header flashing parallel to the upper curb. Hold the upper panels back far enough from the curb to allow the water to drain to either side. Generally 4” to 5” is sufficient depending on the width of the skylight. Working from right to left, cut and install panel #4, snapping it into place and continue fastening as usual across to panel #5.



Install trim item #6 as you would the standard end wall flashing. Next apply trim items #7 & #8 finishing off around the curb of the skylight. Trim items #6, #7 & #8 are generally all the same dimension.




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