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Opening Skylight Instructions


  1. Read and understand all directions before starting to install you new WESTERN SKYLIGHT.
  2. Remove the screen from the skylight by sliding it back towards the hinged end and lifting it out.
  3. Referring to the drawing above, set the skylight and the base frame on the curb to make sure it fits. The screen holder in the PVC base frame should drop down inside the curb. Center the exterior perimeter of the PVC base frame left to right and top to bottom. If the hinges conflict with the flashing, chisel out the curb as needed and bend the flashing in until the hinges clear. Also check to insure your sheetrock or finish material will have adequate clearance between the base frame and the curb on the inside (see drawing).
  4. If desired, apply a bead of butyl or latex caulk to the top of the curb. Silicone or other adhesive caulks are NOT recommended. Aggressive adhesives make skylight removal difficult if necessary, unnecessary damage will occur to the skylight. While propping the skylight open, drive the self-drilling screws provided through the holes and PVC into the curb using a power screwdriver.
  5. Complete the interior finish work. The sheetrock or paneling should fit into the cavity between the curb and the PVC base frame. If it is thicker than the opening, it is OK to butt right up to the screen holder, but do not impede screen removal.
  6. Now that the interior finish has been completed, it’s time to install the operator. Remove the clevis pin and bracket from the chain. Align the operator so the chain is centered in the chain hole in the PVC base frame. Position the top of the operator (where the chain emerges) flush with the bottom of the PVC base frame. Drive the 5 screws, shipped with the operator, through the holes in the operator.
  7. Mark the sash plate where the chain makes contact. Prop the skylight open about one foot and install the sash bracket using the flat head machine screws provided. The open side of the bracket should face the edge of the skylight. Run the chain up through the hole in the PVC base frame and connect it to the sash bracket using the clevis pin as shown.
  8. Carefully close the skylight watching to insure that you have correctly aligned the chain. Observe any binding and adjust as necessary to insure a smooth closure.
  9. To install the screen, open the skylight. The operator end of the screen (with the tab) must be inserted first to clear the operator. Insert the pull-tab end of the screen past the PVC base frame and up into the area where the chain is exposed. Now swing the opposite end (with the wire springs) up and into the PVC base frame. Next, pull down on the tab end and work the screen into position being careful not to damage the foam seal on the sides. Use a thin piece of cardboard if necessary to guide the screen onto the foam. Push the tab end forward into the PVC base frame to complete the screen installation.


IMPORTANT: When closing the skylight, DO NOT over tighten the operator or damage may result!! STOP before the sash plate begins to flex downward when closing the unit. The seal is easily made without excessive force. Failure due to over tightening will void the warranty!


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